Making Dreams Make Sense

One of the reasons that I really appreciate Kim offering her gift to the lay person is because I have so many dreams that really don’t make sense but I know the Lord is speaking to me through. One in particular happened a few years ago. I experienced the physical presence of God in my dream and afterwards which left me awe struck and very curious. I sent my dream to Kim and she gave me the most beautiful words from God. My back story is one of brokenness and rejection and my dream was a mandate from God for me to be healed. I was tickled when Kim told me that! I truly believe that we miss one of the greatest gifts God gives us when we don’t know what our dreams mean. I needed to know that my Father was indeed still reaching into the brokenness of humanity and caring for the orphans and widows which was me! Thank you Kim for your faithfulness to the Lord by stepping out in faith to follow what the Lord has for you. You have brought a new and refreshing way to see my Heavenly Father; one of which I never would have known about unless someone like you were so bold.

Wendy Harrison