Ministering Freedom through Empowering Love

When I think of someone who has the ability to hear the Father’s voice well, it would be Kim. She is extremely in tune with God and His Word, and has the ability to hear the Father very clear and along with that comes the tender insight and understanding of what God is doing. She understands how to move with the rhythm of His Revelation and it is in that that God sets people free. Through her willingness to love on people Wherever and Whenever, God brings hope to the hopeless, comfort to the broken, healing to the sick. Her ministry enables people to walk in deeper freedom and empowers them to embrace their purpose and calling.

It’s really quite simple. She is in passionate pursuit of God’s Intimacy and Presence and it is out of that that Everything else flows. I love surrounding myself with people who understand this very simple principle. I count it a huge privilege to be able to call Kim my friend, my sister in Christ and that we get to co-minister in the Kingdom!