Bringing Peace and Wisdom

Sometimes, I believe that the content of dreams is clutter from our lives that revisit us at night, often in a random, haphazard sequence. However, I do not believe that this is always what dreams are made of. I am certain that God addresses us through our dreams. Such was the case recently when I had two back-to-back dreams one night. Both were strange, one actually quite bizarre, but to me, had nothing to do with each other. I needed understanding as to what each of these dreams meant and sought the wisdom of Kim Zeolla. Kim asked me several pertinent questions prior to interpreting my dreams. Kim’s explanations exhibited the unique gifting God has placed in her, as He did Joseph and Daniel, to decode the meaning of dreams for those of us not skillful in this area. Kim’s clarification of the events of my dreams made 100% sense to me, although I would never had deduced the same on my own. Not only did her explanations bring great affirmation and relief, but remarkably tied these two completely different dreams together. It is important to note that Kim and I were little more than mere acquaintances and she had no knowledge of what was going on in my life. Kim’s analysis brought me much peace. I thank Kim for her willingness to assist me and I thank our Almighty God for gifting her to authenticate dreams so effectively.