CROPPED IMG_3673Kim served on the Murrysville Aglow Executive Board as Finance Secretary. After one year she accepted the position as Vice-President of Ministry Development where she served for three years. The local Murrysville Aglow Lighthouse is part of Aglow International which is a transdenominational organization of Christian women with more than 4,000 local groups in 170 nations around the world. Kim also served on the Board of Directors for Latter Glory Ministries, an International Ministry based in India and the United States.

Previously, she was a part of the Support Team for the “Pittsburgh Healing Crusades” facilitated by Billy Burke World Outreach in cooperation with Pittsburgh Prayer Network, Berean Fellowship and the First Presbyterian Church of Downtown Pittsburgh.

International Ministry Trips:
2009 and 2012 with Dr. Randy Clark and the Global Awakening Staff. Global Awakening was birthed from a 4-day retreat in Canada. Dr. Randy Clark is an international itinerant minister, a brilliant mind who is recognized world-wide as an accomplished author, with an unmistakable teaching gift, and I have personally watched him minister in love and tenderness for hours to just one hurting soul.

“When someone asks me how to get on the fast track for healing. I tell them go on a mission trip with Randy Clark.”

– Bill Johnson

IMG_3656With many others from around the world, Kim has traveled to Brazil in 2009 and again in 2012. During her trips she has personally prayed for and witnessed countless instantaneous physical healings -including many here in the United States.

Kim uses and has trained teams with Dr. Randy Clarks’ Global Awakening Ministry Training Manual. She believes that this is the most effective, universal manual available to date.

She has continued her education by attending Voice of the Prophets, Voice of the Apostles on an annual basis.

Which also includes:
School of Healing and Impartation 1; Revival, Phenomena and Healing
School of Healing and Impartation 2; Deliverance, Disbelief, and Deception

“Dr. Randy Clark has been taking teams to minister to the nations for over 13 years. Many lives, both those native to the host country and those on the international team, have been transformed by the power and presence of God. As a pastor in the local church, I found that going on one of these trips was key to keeping my church in revival and seeing an increase in healing. Come with us and experience the fruit for yourself.”

(Global Awakening website) Dr. Tom E. Jones Executive Director, Global Awakening

Kim has been a part of the Western PA United Methodist Renewal Fellowship for over 3 years now. WPAUMRF is a Regional Fellowship of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries.

Through her connection with them she has ministered at several venues:

-Western Pennsylvania United Methodist Annual Conference. Which brings together 2,000 UM clergy and lay for 4 days at Grove City College. Here she has been a part of offering our “Ministry of Encouragement” through which many of our people have had their first experience of prophetic and healing ministry.

-Annual SPARK Youth conference, at Pittsburgh’s Sheraton Station Square- where about 600 youth and their adult leaders enjoy a multi-sensory Prayer Room.

“Kim has a unique and powerful gift of connecting with people of all walks of life, in virtually any setting, to be a witness for Jesus Christ and bring light and healing.”

Richard M. Thomas Ministry Coordinator Western PA United Methodist Renewal Fellowship

FIXED IMG_3654-Prayer Center for “From This Day Forward” marriage enrichment conference, sponsored by Christian Counseling Associates of Western Pennsylvania.
Dr. Richard Hoffman, Clinical Director, share how many of the participants were deeply touched through the prophetic and healing ministry offered as part of this.

“Several testimonies that Dr. Richard Hoffman shared of transformed lives and marriages were directly a result of ministry Kim provided at this conference.”

Richard M. Thomas
Ministry Coordinator
Western PA United Methodist Renewal Fellowship

In addition she has participated in the Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry:

MSSM 1: “The Basics”
MSSM 2: “Hearing God”
MSSM 3: “Healing”
MSSM 6: “Power Evangelism”

Currently, she is a Lay SOZO ministry leader at Covenant Church of Pittsburgh since its inception in 2013.

“I have witnessed Kim’s zeal and passion to serve the Body of Christ. She has demonstrated leadership skills as well as a strong prophetic anointing. Her love and tenderness for the body of Christ is truly refreshing. I am honored to have her on our lead team, and I look forward to working alongside her for years to come.”

Minister Saundra Bliltz, OD CCOP SOZO ministry team leader

· Ambassador of Jesus Christ

Working with Holy Spirit to restore and reconcile relationships.

· Leader of Leaders

Through God’s love, helping to establish, restore and encourage one’s true identity and calling in Christ Jesus.

· Minister in the Market Place

Strategy: Invade- the enemy’s territory

Intercept- the enemy’s plan

Introduce- the One and Only REAL GOD!

Motto: Why get a physic reading? When you can have a Destiny Word from God!

Kim has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to society in:

“Marquis Who’s Who in America”, 2004-2011
“Marquis Who’s Who of American Women,” 2006-2011
“Marquis Who’s Who of the World”, 2006-2011

Favorite quotes:

“I have good news for you. God is in a good mood.”
– Bill Johnson
“Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.”
– Rush Limbaugh