Mobile Prayer Now

“Be prepared. Be ready. Aim higher.” – God.

There is a mother lode (untapped abundant source) of people who pray, prophesy, and hold positions including presbyteries within the church. I believe God is calling you into a higher level! I believe He is calling you now.

For those of you who pray, who are on prophetic teams, and those who hold positions within prophetic realms and presbyteries are a teeming source within the Church. I believe that the Most High God has a greater purpose for you than keeping you hidden. I believe God is positioning an army that has been tested, tried, and proved into a synergy where God will do great exploits through you!

“…but [Better Understanding of Truth] the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].” Daniel 11:32 (AMP)prayer sunset

I believe that those who have been hidden within the prayer closet in churches around the world are poised to, and those who have prophesied within the churches are being called to, a higher level of visibility. I believe it’s time to Mobilize. It’s time to Mobilize Now. I believe you have been tested and trained for such a time as this. To go out and share your gift with the world. Continue in your current assignment AND embrace your new assignment. This is the time. This is the season to mobilize. People are waiting for you! Family and friends are praying for someone to reach out to their loved ones. Will you accept this new assignment? Will you embrace your higher calling? Will you join mobile prayer now?

The Holy Spirit is calling you to look up AND reach out. Embrace this corporate mobilization. Embrace this corporate promotion. Embrace all that God has intended for you, from the beginning of time. If your heart is beating faster and if you’re reading this while swallowing deeply; if you feel the Spirit of God nudging you, then He is CALLING YOU! It’s time to step UP and step OUT! It’s time for mobile prayer now.

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